Playing by Ear

I recently came across the expression “to play it by ear” which means basically “go with the flow”; in other words – act according to the situation depending how it develops. What a lovely saying!

Having checked the derivation it confirmed what I thought. Musicians ‘play by ear’ when they reproduce music without written notes. It’s usually done from memory and the player uses his or her ears to work out whether the notes are correct.

Be Spontaneous!

When it comes to reproducing music by ear I think I am ok. In real life, however, I must say I’m not very good at playing things by ear. Improvisation is not my strength and I like to plan ahead. Maybe I should try to be more spontaneous.

How good are you at “playing it by ear”? Some people are prone “to winging it” but this is not the same. That’s another post I think 🙂

That’s Crowned it!

Just in case you didn’t realise it – I am a fan of Netflix and I especially enjoy watching a good old historical drama. At the end of 2020 all the talk was about season 4 of “The Crown”. For some reason I’m not interested in watching this drama which follows the royal “ins and outs” during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe it’s because I was part of that history and don’t want to admit that I’m getting old!

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Words of the Week Update

I have had fun over the last few weeks deciding what word to take as my Word of the Week (WOW). Unfortunately I haven’t got round to posting them weekly – the last being in November.

Strangely enough I now have time because of the restrictions which have been caused by the infamous corona virus.

So here is a list of the WOWs that I chose. I think my customers have had fun using them either because they are simply funny words or because they have lightened the mood recently.

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When does a door open inwards?

A typical english front door with wisteria

As I may have mentioned before, I have a fascination for doors, especially old English front doors.  I am not sure when or where this started.  It’s probably because English doors are very individual and different to those here in Germany. They have become one of the things I miss.

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There are several meanings for the word “ramble”:

  • to walk for pleasure, go for a walk or hike e.g. “Yesterday we went rambling with the Ramblers* in the Yorkshire Dales.”
  • to waffle or babble (schwafeln) e.g. “He often rambles on about his model railway”

I suppose I could be accused of rambling when I write my blog:)

* The Ramblers – Britain’s walking charity which aims to protect and expand the places people love to walk and promote walking for health and pleasure. It has around 120,00 members.