A Kloppism

Jürgen Klopp, the German football manager of Premier League club Liverpool , has given a lot of press interviews in English.  His English is actually very good but at times he has caused a little confusion and hilarity amongst journalists.  His use of German idioms or expressions, which he directly translates into English, do not always make sense to an Englishman.

I call this “Klopp-English”  or  kloppism. Maybe the most famous of these was: this is not a “wish concert.” (Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert). 

Here is a list of possible kloppisms and the English expression. Do you recognise them?

“Don’t be the offended liver sausage!”- Don’t get in a huff!

“That is jacket like trousers.” – It’s the same difference.         

“Keep the ears stiff” – Keep your chin up.

“Dead trousers” – Nothing happening/doing.

“A soft egg” – A wimp or wussy.


One thought on “A Kloppism

  1. Nice article. At work we had a small-talk when my colleague made a funny sentence. We then translated German idioms directly into the English.

    For example:
    – I think I’m on the wood-way (Ich denke ich bin auf dem Holzweg)
    – I think I spider (Ich denke ich spinne)

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