That’s Crowned it!

Just in case you didn’t realise it – I am a fan of Netflix and I especially enjoy watching a good old historical drama. At the end of 2020 all the talk was about season 4 of “The Crown”. For some reason I’m not interested in watching this drama which follows the royal “ins and outs” during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe it’s because I was part of that history and don’t want to admit that I’m getting old!

A Trip to the Dentist

The mention of the word “crown” brings to mind my recent visits to my dentist. I must admit to having a fear of dentists (dentophobia) or rather, not of the actual person, but more of the pain they may inflect.

It’s important that you find a dentist who you trust and understands how you feel. Being able to communicate is vital. Of course this is not easy when you have someone poking around in your mouth. Here are some useful words I have had to master over the years….maybe they will be of use if you have to visit the dentist (God forbid!)

Dental Vocabulary

  • der Zahnarztstuhl: dentist chair
  • die Zahnschmerzen: toothache
  • die Karies/das Loch; tooth decay/cavity
  • ausspühlen: to rinse out
  • der Mundgeruch: bad breath
  • Arzthelfer(in): medical/dental assistant
  • zur Kontrolle: check-up
  • die Füllung ist dicht: the filling is ok
  • dir eine Spritze geben /eine Betäubung machen: give you an injection/anesthetic
  • Wirkt die (örtliche )Betäübung schon? Has the (local) anesthetic working?
  • Meine Lippe und Zunge sind taub: my lip and tongue are numb.
  • der Bohre: the drill
  • Weisheitszahn gezogen: wisdom tooth pulled
  • das Provisorium gemacht: provisional e.g. a provisional crown
  • man beugt Zahnbeleg vor indem man Zahnseide benutzt: you prevent dental decay by using dental floss
  • das Eiter: pus
  • der Speichel: saliva
  • fädenziehen: to remove stitches
  • Zahnfleischbluten und Entzündungen/: bleeding and inflammation of the gums

I am almost looking forward to my next dental treatment because my dentist has now got laughing gas (das Lachgas). You could say that “it’s no laughing matter” but in this case I hope I am wrong!

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