Mushroom Picker Stick

Ollie the Grey

Jamie Oliver has been an inspiration for my son and I for many years. Recently Jamie challenged his Instagram followers to make him laugh in these difficult Corona days.

This was the photo he posted of himself holding a hand-carved walking mushroom picking stick. How good would it be to have a mushroom picker’s stick signed by Jamie and Gennaro Contaldo?

Is it Ollie the Grey from Lord of the Rings?

I couldn’t resist! Time to get the creative juices flowing. The pose reminded me of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, hence the name Ollie the Grey.

We adapted the words of a well-known tongue-twister about a “Pheasant Plucker” (be careful how you say it!) and we came up with this little ditty.

It’s Jamie and this is what he sings:

I’m not the mushroom picker, I’m the mushroom picker’s son. We only pick mushrooms when the season’s come.

I’m not the mushroom picker, it’s Gennaro with his mushroom picker’s stick. We only pick mushrooms cos the mushroom stick’s quick.

P&Nuts (mystorydoor)

I don’t for a moment think that we’ll win a Mushroom Picker’s Stick but we had fun coming up with our rhyme.

Check out Jamie’s Instagram for other posts to cheer you up.

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