Words of the Week Update

I have had fun over the last few weeks deciding what word to take as my Word of the Week (WOW). Unfortunately I haven’t got round to posting them weekly – the last being in November.

Strangely enough I now have time because of the restrictions which have been caused by the infamous corona virus.

So here is a list of the WOWs that I chose. I think my customers have had fun using them either because they are simply funny words or because they have lightened the mood recently.

When I first introduced the Word of the Week I intended to introduce each with the phonetic symbols to help people with pronunciation. Due to my lack of staying power I will just write a list of my WOWs with an example of how they can be used.

10.12.2019 appreciate : schätzen

I really appreciate the advents calendar you gave me last week. I am very appreciative and would like to show my appreciation by giving you a big hug.

25.12.2019: seasons greetings : Frohe Fasttage

Seasons Greeting to you all!

7.1.2020 : prosperous : wohlhabend

I wish you a prosperous 2020. (Little did I know what was to come!)

14.01.2020: recuperate: sich erholen

I hope you recuperate from your flu. I wish you a speedy recovery.

21.01.2020: gobbledygook: das Geschwafel

Sometimes I think I speak a load of gobbledygook.

28.01.2020: snug: gemütlich/kuschelig

You look as snug as a bug sitting there on the sofa.

04.02.2020: Cheer up!: Kopf hoch!

Cheer Up! It’ll never happen.

11.02.2020: higgledy-piggledy: wie Kraut und Rüben/durcheinander

My plant pots are all higgledy-piggledy because of yesterday’s storm.

18.02.2020: merry-making: die Lustbarkeit/Belustigung

There will be lots of merry-making over Carnival

25.02.2020: blustery: stürmisch

At the moment it is very calm outside but the weatherman says it will be a little blustery later today.

13.03.2020: blossom: die Blüte/blühen

The tree in my garden is in full bloom – the blossom looks gorgeous.

There will be more to follow.

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