Playing by Ear

I recently came across the expression “to play it by ear” which means basically “go with the flow”; in other words – act according to the situation depending how it develops. What a lovely saying!

Having checked the derivation it confirmed what I thought. Musicians ‘play by ear’ when they reproduce music without written notes. It’s usually done from memory and the player uses his or her ears to work out whether the notes are correct.

Be Spontaneous!

When it comes to reproducing music by ear I think I am ok. In real life, however, I must say I’m not very good at playing things by ear. Improvisation is not my strength and I like to plan ahead. Maybe I should try to be more spontaneous.

How good are you at “playing it by ear”? Some people are prone “to winging it” but this is not the same. That’s another post I think 🙂

That’s Crowned it!

Just in case you didn’t realise it – I am a fan of Netflix and I especially enjoy watching a good old historical drama. At the end of 2020 all the talk was about season 4 of “The Crown”. For some reason I’m not interested in watching this drama which follows the royal “ins and outs” during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe it’s because I was part of that history and don’t want to admit that I’m getting old!

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Mushroom Picker Stick

Ollie the Grey

Jamie Oliver has been an inspiration for my son and I for many years. Recently Jamie challenged his Instagram followers to make him laugh in these difficult Corona days.

This was the photo he posted of himself holding a hand-carved walking mushroom picking stick. How good would it be to have a mushroom picker’s stick signed by Jamie and Gennaro Contaldo?

Is it Ollie the Grey from Lord of the Rings?

I couldn’t resist! Time to get the creative juices flowing. The pose reminded me of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, hence the name Ollie the Grey.

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A “Wundertüte” of Words

It has been a while since I last wrote about my WOWs (Word of the Week) so it’s time to unpack my “Wundertüte” (bag of surprises) of English words which have kept me amused over the last weeks.

miffed: verärgert

E.g. Sally was really miffed because she wasn’t invited to the party. (Sally war verärgert, weil sie nicht zur Party engeladen war)

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Off My Trolley

I have a new saying:

Don’t mind me! I’m just having a moment but it’ll pass.

A Moment of Madness

Yesterday I had such a moment! Do you know the game “I went shopping and bought…”?

Well, I went shopping and I didn’t buy 1 butter squash, 2 pears. 3 bread rolls, 4 courgettes and 5 bananas!

That really did happen. I put all of these things in my trolley, paid at the till and drove home. Later I said to my husband that there were some “Brötchen” for our midday sandwiches…or I thought there were! They were nowhere to be found. Then the mystery began!

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Much Hairdo About Nothing

A pile of hair words

Here are some useful words or phrases to do with the topic hair.

ponytail : Pferdeschwanz sideburns: Koteletten pigtails (bunches): Zöpfe plait (braid): Zopf bun (knot): Haarknoten* curly: lockig wavy: wellig parting: Haarscheitel bald: kahl hair (hairstyle): Frisur greasy: fettig dandruff: Schuppen frizzy: kraus mop of hair: Haarschopf hairline: Haaransatz blow dry: föhnen wig: Perücke split ends: Spliss layered: stufig to lose hair (folically/folicularly challenged): Haare verlieren**

She stood in front of the mirror and did her hair. When she was finished she was shocked to see how many hairs were on the floor. She realised she was losing her hair.

* When I checked the translation for “hair in a bun” I got the answer “Haare in einem Brötchen“! ** not really politically correct.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Here I am sitting in my garden under a tree. We may only have a small garden but in it there are 3 trees. When we first moved in there were 3 little ponds. Next you’ll be asking if we have 3 little pigs.

Unfortunately I haven’t inherited my family’s green fingers. No pristine English lawn with its fresh green grass. My father must be ‘turning in his grave’ at the sight of our patch of moss. Oh well! You can’t be good at everything.

We live in a village on the main street and there is a constant flow of traffic during the day, so I can’t say it’s quiet. We are lucky, however, to have visitors of a furry or feathered kind, especially early in the morning or in the evening.

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