1 . Nuts, My Busy Little Squirrel

Door 1

Let the Games Begin!

Once I had decided to hide my StoryDoors in trees, I had to solve the mystery of who it put them there! That’s when Nuts, the Busy Squirrel came alive.

This is a story of a little red squirrel that scuttles around the winter woods looking for her store of food. Her cache and her favourite bedtime story are hidden behind a little door. I, the storyteller, am amazed how fat my little friend, the busy squirrel, becomes by the end of the book.

You too can get the inside story by visiting www.storydoor.info

Here are a few of my illustrations from my book:

Are you talking to me?
Nuts reading a story
Fast asleep
Fat Nuts
Fluffy and Flustered

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