The Story of My StoryDoor

Once upon a time….

Unbeknown to most of my acquaintances, I have a strange hobby. I hide miniature doors in trees! They are my “StoryDoors”.

How did this all start? I think I first developed a fascination for doors when I stayed in York with a group of my language school customers. I noticed how colourful and individual the front doors of the houses were. I began to take photos, much to the embarrassment of my family. My Aunt and Uncle in Hornsea (east Yorkshire) were particularly obliging when I asked them several times to stop the car whilst out and about.

Initially I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my album of “Door” photos. My collection had meanwhile extended to include German doors, and once you’ve developed an eye for a good door, there is no end to this project! Several years later my “StoryDoor” idea began to take shape.

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

People always say that if trees could talk they would have so much to tell us. Just look at the size of some of our trees and imagine what has happened in their lifetime. I remember sitting one day in my car waiting for my running friends. As always I had parked directly in front of the same tree. A hornbeam, I think. I suddenly spotted an old man’s face in the tree. That got me thinking!

Old Man Tree Spirit on Hohenstein

My StoryDoor Mystery

I love a good story. So I thought – why not hide tiny handmade versions of my doors in trees? Perhaps someone would find one and wonder who put it there.

But what should be behind the door? It soon became clear to me. A children’s story.

Hence my motto for my StoryDoors: “A story behind every door”

To be continued……..

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