A Tribute to a Friend


Recently one of my friends passed away. The last time we spoke was on the phone and it was clear that we would not see each other again. Naturally, this was not an easy conversation but her words still resonate: “Pat, sei nicht traurig, alles ist in Ordnung.” (Don’t be sad, everything’s fine).

I have come to terms with her death and truly believe that she had accepted her fate and that she had prepared herself for her next “journey”. Her strength came from her belief that there is another life after death.


My friend and I met about 20 years ago when she joined one of my groups to refresh her English. We became good friends and she introduced me to the fascinating world of crystals. One of the places we visited was a shop in Velbert Langenberg called “Unikate bei Petra”- here my friend bought a moonstone.

I have read about the symbolism of the moonstone and, as always, there are lots of suggestions. There is an obvious connection with the moon and some even refer to it as the Traveller’s Stone lighting the way.

Her Story

My friend was the first person I ever told about my StoryDoors and the very first miniature wooden door I made sat in her kitchen on a window sill. After the news that she had passed away, I wrote a poem called “Who Knows if Jackdaw is a Thief?” to go behind her door. If you’re interested in reading it, try this link: https://smyc.us/door11 on my website “www.storydoor. info“.

I hope she would have liked it. I think of her as the owl (she particularly liked birds of prey) in the poem as it glides peacefully off into the dark clutching her moonlit stone.

This quotation was in the order of service at my friend’s funeral.

Tot ist überhaupt nichts:
Ich glitt lediglich über in den nächsten Raum.
Ich bin ich, und ihr seid ihr.
Warum sollte ich aus dem Sinn sein,
nur weil ich aus dem Blick bin?
Was auch immer wir füreinander waren, sind wir auch jetzt noch.
Spielt, lächelt denkt an mich.
Leben bedeutet auch jetzt all das,
was es auch sonst bedeutet hat.
Es hat sich nichts verändert,
ich warte auf euch, irgendwo sehr nah bei euch.
Alles ist gut.

Roughly translated into English:

Dear friend, it would be nice to think that you are just waiting in the next room.

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