When does a door open inwards?

A typical english front door with wisteria

As I may have mentioned before, I have a fascination for doors, especially old English front doors.  I am not sure when or where this started.  It’s probably because English doors are very individual and different to those here in Germany. They have become one of the things I miss.

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Panting or Crocheting

I recently had a bit of an embarrassing moment – a typical “Pat faux pas”. I was listening to two fathers reminiscing about attending “pre-natal” classes and how their respective partners were encouraged to breathe or “pant”.  All part of the preparatory exercises for childbirth. I was quite, however, surprised to hear them talking about crocheting.

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There are several meanings for the word “ramble”:

  • to walk for pleasure, go for a walk or hike e.g. “Yesterday we went rambling with the Ramblers* in the Yorkshire Dales.”
  • to waffle or babble (schwafeln) e.g. “He often rambles on about his model railway”

I suppose I could be accused of rambling when I write my blog:)

* The Ramblers – Britain’s walking charity which aims to protect and expand the places people love to walk and promote walking for health and pleasure. It has around 120,00 members.



Ruhrpott history

In my attempt to become a “better”, more knowledgeable “Ruhrpott Kind”, I recently went on a jolly to our local mining museum. It is literally just down the road from me. I have been before but never paid any real attention to the site other than when we visit the “Oldtimer Festival” to look at the classic cars (not necessarily an event for old men- which is what most English people would understand from the expression “oldtimer”).

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