Carry on Camping

Camper or Campervan?

I recently made a “StoryDoor” for a friend who loves holidaying in a campervan.

What do people mean when they talk about a “campervan“, “camper” or “mobile home“? Generally it depends on the size and amount of luxury it has.

Does it have a fixed roof, a rising-roof or a “pop-up” roof? Has it got a toilet or shower? What kind of bed(s) does it have? Has it got a built-in kitchen?

The word “recreational vehicle (RV) is used more in America.

One thing it is NOT, is a “caravan”!

The lady in the van

My husband and I have differing views about camping, however, I think we have found a workable compromise. 3 days is the absolute max he can go without his home comforts. I’m happy with that.

In 2021, during Corona, we converted our Renault Kangoo into a campervan. M’tilda is a well travelled member of our family -she’s been to a few international festivals and on holidays. Now, having reached the ripe old age of 17, she’s had a new lease of life!


Around the month of April M’tilda we wake her from her Winter slumber and then she undergoes a metamorphosis. Once the rear seats are removed our DIY camper box is fixed into place, curtains are hung, camping equipment loaded and off we go! Room for 2 to sleep on a very comfortable mattress. The first major trip was to Croatia. Since then there have a few modifications to make things more convenient.

Be prepared!

During a “2-nighter” trip in “Teutoburger Wald” our sleeping arrangements was perfected – we literally turned around and slept the other way giving us more room!

One thing we also learnt is that that you can never have enough bedding etc. It was rather cold during the night!

We didn’t take any food with us, even though we have a gas cooker, because we had read that there were ample restaurants near our camp site. The information was correct BUT most of them are closed on a Wednesday! We ended up walking 40 minutes for a Greek meal.

Fein, aber klein

The advantage of such a small campervan is that you know where everything is. Everything in it’s place. as they say in German: “fein, aber klein” (small but nice).

I must admit that we usually stay on a site where there is electricity – there’s nothing better than a cup of PG Tips tea with milk (kept cool in our little fridge) first thing in the morning.

I may be tempting fate by writing this article…. M’tilda is a reliable friend and I hope that it she remains so for a few years longer.

Touch wood!

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