Off My Trolley

I have a new saying:

Don’t mind me! I’m just having a moment but it’ll pass.

A Moment of Madness

Yesterday I had such a moment! Do you know the game “I went shopping and bought…”?

Well, I went shopping and I didn’t buy 1 butter squash, 2 pears. 3 bread rolls, 4 courgettes and 5 bananas!

That really did happen. I put all of these things in my trolley, paid at the till and drove home. Later I said to my husband that there were some “Brötchen” for our midday sandwiches…or I thought there were! They were nowhere to be found. Then the mystery began!

Over the day I kept remembering the other items which I had definitely put in a trolley. I can only assume that at sometime while I was shopping I’d filled a trolley which was obviously not mine! At least I didn’t pay and leave things on the belt as I usually do.

I now have this picture in my head of a fellow customer arriving at the till with my “missing” products. What must they have thought!

Such moments are precious….. we all have them and I find the best thing to do is laugh at yourself and move on (to the next trolley!)

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