The Measure of English Cooking

I always have difficulty remembering the expression for ‘savoury’ in German. Is it “herzhafte” or “deftig” or “pikant”?

Whether you prefer savoury or sweet dishes, there are lots of recipes in the internet to try out. The problem for many of my German friends is that British or American recipes often use imperial measurements. Thankfully, I have a 30 year old set of scales (Waage) with 2 sets of weights: one in ounces and one in grams. It is, however, easy to convert the amounts: 

   1 oz (ounce) =  25 g (grams),        1lb (pound) =  450 g

BEWARE!  The biggest problem when cooking an English dish is the size of the spoons. It oftens says “tspn”, “dspn”  or “tbspn”.

 1.    tspn = teaspoon (Teelöffel)

 2.   dspn = dessertspoon (Esslöffel)

  3.   tbspn = tablespoon ( bigger than a EL)

If you don’t know the difference it could be a disaster. Imagine you got it wrong with something like curry powder and, instead of adding 3 teaspoons, you added 3 TABLEspoons. I know some like their food hot but this may prove too hot to handle!

Happy cooking!

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