Much Hairdo About Nothing

A pile of hair words

Here are some useful words or phrases to do with the topic hair.

ponytail : Pferdeschwanz sideburns: Koteletten pigtails (bunches): Zöpfe plait (braid): Zopf bun (knot): Haarknoten* curly: lockig wavy: wellig parting: Haarscheitel bald: kahl hair (hairstyle): Frisur greasy: fettig dandruff: Schuppen frizzy: kraus mop of hair: Haarschopf hairline: Haaransatz blow dry: föhnen wig: Perücke split ends: Spliss layered: stufig to lose hair (folically/folicularly challenged): Haare verlieren**

She stood in front of the mirror and did her hair. When she was finished she was shocked to see how many hairs were on the floor. She realised she was losing her hair.

* When I checked the translation for “hair in a bun” I got the answer “Haare in einem Brötchen“! ** not really politically correct.

Get your hair done

It is quite common to say that you’re ‘getting your hair done’ The expression “to have / get something done” means that someone does something for you (similar to the passive). Here are some examples of when you can use a causative verb:

  • We really must get that bathroom finished before our friends come to stay.
  • Do you know a good garage where I can get my car repaired?
  • I should have got my essay checked before I handed it in but I didn’t have time.
  • I couldn’t be bothered to do the decorating so I had the walls painted.
  • Oh, your nails looks great! Where did you have them done?

I must go now because I have an appointment at the opticians. I am having my eyes tested because I think I need new glasses.

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