Panting or Crocheting

I recently had a bit of an embarrassing moment – a typical “Pat faux pas”. I was listening to two fathers reminiscing about attending “pre-natal” classes and how their respective partners were encouraged to breathe or “pant”.  All part of the preparatory exercises for childbirth. I was quite, however, surprised to hear them talking about crocheting.

In some ways it fitted – in my time, before the baby arrived family and friends frantically knitted or crocheted woollen baby clothes e.g. cardigans, hats or booties. Maybe it did sound feasible… UNTIL….I  realised they were using the German verb “hecheln”  (to pant) and NOT “häckeln” 🙂

Just one of those hilarious moment where I have learnt to laugh at myself.  My motto is:  If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry!

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